Membership Levels

I have created a space where I can share my creative processes directly with you and reward you for your support.  You come into my studio and have become part of the conversation. We’re going to go on this journey together and you will get rewarded for your patronage.

As a patron you gain access
• View my sketches, which I don’t post or show anyone
• Personal elements that connect to the work, like photo albums and journals
• Streaming access to studio time
• Videos about the actual process and how the work comes together
• One-on-one time with the artist
• Previews of work while in creation
• Build your art collection. Receive custom artwork in the mail. (Remember when it was
fun to go to the mailbox?)
• Satisfaction of knowing your supporting the creative community!

Let’s be in this together. I’m ready to open my studio to you and share my practice.

CLICK the level and read about the benefits.

Level Price  
Free Access Free Select
Shy Unicorn $1.00 now and then $5.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment will cost $1.00. Select
Unicorn $5.00 per Month. Select
Glitter Unicorn $10.00 per Month. Select
Golden Unicorn $25.00 per Month. Select
Rainbow Unicorn $100.00 per Month. Select