Interventionist Experience

About your host

I will work with you at whatever level and intensity you need to have a good experience.

I’ve been an art and design college professor for several colleges over the years but returned to working full time in my studio a few years ago. My style with students is to create a space to explore concepts, materials, and the marriage of creativity as a part of daily life. My overall aesthetic is about using colors and textures to tell a story. I love to experiment and love to explore with my students.

What we’ll do

A small sample of what we might be doing.

Street photography and interventions: An intervention is taking an existing space or scene and modifying it to express a new perspective. I will be sharing my proprietary process to help you see the world in a new way. Capture color and texture, modify and sculpt street spaces, understanding timing, composition, and place. Our exploration will reveal the secrets of CDMX. You will create new types of images that aren’t like any tourist photos you will see. You will go home and find yourself seeing your own home town in a totally new light. Narcissism Friendly: Fully documented experience with digital archive supplied to the artist(s) after completion. Deep Dives: One on one time with the artist to explore techniques and concepts that lead to the work shown in the portfolio. Make Art: Create your own unique piece of art to take back to your home or studio. We will even have an option to frame at the local market. And so much more. Customized to you.

What else you should know

This neighborhood maintains some of the original characteristics and families from its origins making it a unique Chilango experience. It is very safe here. Street foods, theaters, restaurants, y más

What I’ll provide

Snacks 󴀁I will keep botanas (snacks) around. We can arrange to have any meal in studio cooked by myself or delivered if desired. By the time we finish, you will have a big appetite. Drinks 󲀃I like to keep beverages on hand. Water of course, but if you would like other things like coffee, tea, wine, or mezcal… let me know in advance. There may be a charge depending on the request.Photography and Other 󳀁You’ll find this process is about using creativity and you be able to recreate it when you get home. You can work from a decent cell phone camera or a professional camera. If you need a camera I may have an option available, but don’t let not having a top camera prevent you from doing this workshop.

What to bring

Casual clothing – comfort for creativity and destructionComfortable shoes – we do city walking as apart of this experience. Positive Attitude – we all start from where we start, but the ending is up to USA spirit of experimentation will help you get the most from our adventures. Camera. Digital. Could be a cell phone, but could be a professional grade. Both work.

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