The Full Chromatic Experience

I’ve had an obsession with Mexico from the first moment I tasted mole in a Los Angeles restaurant around 2002. I want to share the things with you that compelled me to live in this magnificent city and continue to inspire my artwork.

Tours are customized to the comfort level and goals of my guests. The services below are only points at which to start your creative adventures in the city. For more information on these experiences, complete the registration form at the bottom of the page and I will be in contact quickly.

Chromatic Artist Experience | Living Mercados
Street Food & Culture
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Chromatic Artist Experience

Are you looking to ignite your studio practice by getting out of your studio? Do you want to experience what daily life is like for an expat artist in CDMX and what it might be like for you? I am opening my process, studio, and time to create custom artist learning experiences. The full working artist studio life for you or a group in Mexico City DF, Mexico.

Want a unique artist retreat experience open to any level of the artist? I am opening my process, studio, and time to create custom artist learning experiences. The full artist street & studio experience for you or a group.

  • Street photography: Capturing color and texture, modifying and sculpting street spaces, understanding timing, and appropriate place.
  • Digital and Hand Editing: Beyond the process of how we edit before capturing the photo in the streets, we will also work with Photoshop. My computer or you bring your own.
  • PrePress: You will go through a process of experimentation to better understand the relationship of photo printing to your final piece.
  • Supply Foraging: Visiting art supply stores to gather materials.
  • Inspiration Foraging: Visiting galleries, museums, pop-ups, cultural events, and more to gain inspiration and perspective on our process.
  • Narcissism Friendly: Fully documented experience with digital archive supplied to the artist(s) after completion.
  • Deep Dives: One on one time with the artist to explore techniques and concepts that lead to the work shown in the portfolio.
  • Artifacts: Create your own unique piece of art to take back to your home or studio. We will even have an option to frame at the local market.
  • Local Flavors: Visits to mercados for art supplies, framing your art, food, and other essentials. You’re living like a local.
  • Down Time: Sleeping space in an art studio. For an extra cost, you can lodge right in this unique studio from 1914 with its large arched church windows and balconies. I also have a second Airbnb available which offers more privacy and amenities common to hotel experience but in my home (tv, queen bed, and work area).
  • Sin Problemas: Snacks and beverages will be available during the workdays. We will have some meals in the studio to keep the momentum rolling. Ventures into street food vendors!
  • Viva la Artista! Invites to gallery exhibition openings, studio visits, and sobre una mesa (slow meal, good wine, lots of conversation) with the creative community. Depends what’s happening while you are here, but if there is an opportunity we will check it. If there isn’t one, then we will create one.

The full artist studio experience.

What you want it to be. A customized experience that meets you where you are and provides you the opportunity to get to the next level. We will work from my studio in Colonia Juarez which is uniquely positioned for access to many important areas. (1 day (8 hours) or as many as you’d like up to 2 weeks, starting at $100 per person per day. I am excited to collaborate with you in creating an experience that ignites your creativity.

If you are interested in starting the conversation, then use the reservation form at the bottom of the page.

Mercados Demystified

The richness of daily life can be experienced within the mercados of Mexico City. While there are consistent elements throughout the city of markets, there are unique characteristics to the different markets. We can explore how the markets are used and the dynamics of food and social life. We will relate different dishes we will taste to the ingredients experienced inside the market. This tour has a lot of walking, but also we will use taxis or METRO to get between markets. Your choice of adventure. (3-8 hours, $20 per hour, plus expenses pre-determined)

If you are interested in starting the conversation, then use the reservation form at the bottom of the page.

Street Food & More

I’m going to walk you through a few of the colonias sampling different foods. We will discuss some elements of living within a mega city and how the street food cultures have evolved. I will teach you what to look for in safe street food vendors so that you don’t make some of the mistakes I have made. We will even venture into the new world of vegan tacos. On the way to the next place, we will walk through the streets talking about the different cultures of the city, view murals, discuss some historical elements, and laugh a lot. I want to share my passion for the uniqueness of CDMX. (3-8 hours, $20 per hour, plus expenses pre-determined))

If you are interested in starting the conversation, then use the reservation form at the bottom of the page.

(F)Art Tour: Fun Art

Visiting CDMX and not taking in the art culture is nearly impossible, but it also doesn’t have to be a trudge of obligations. “You simply must…” is not an option here. What interests you can be built upon to create a unique art experience. It’s not a matter of “You simply must…” it is more a matter of “It makes sense you’d find yourself in love with this piece.” Find yourself in this tour amongst the culture of artwork of CDMX.

As a working artist, I have worked in the streets of this city for many years. The work continues to evolve just as the streets themselves do. You can return in 2 months and what seemed permanent has disappeared and been replaced by yet another glorious piece of art. Based on your interests, I will construct a tour for you to see some of the best that the city has to offer with the unique perspective. We can visit creative spaces that match your desires to experience and learn. (3 hours to 8 hours)